WHERE will YOU start


  - Hearth


  -  Heartland


  -  Life's Thresholds

refresh a room

  -  Imagination

be true to you

  -  Intuition

be inspired

  -  Inspiration

colour courage

  -  Enthusiasm

Maradadi is a Swahili word.

                     It means elegant, beautiful.

I  was  born on  the  equatoR in  tropical  Africa

& there's something about Africa that never leaves you. 

  I've lived on four continents & travelled widely, soaking up colours, cultures, mood, history, & always the ever-astonishing realm of nature. 

  Translating what we love & enjoy into our surroundings is what makes a house feel like Home.  Authentically  ours.


when your home expresses who you are, you create a real sense of belonging


  What about your passions? Your Life's Journey? Your history? Travels & experiences? Could you use an injection of imagination to pull together the elements of your life to express them in your unique look?

   Together we can explore how to reflect your personality in your rooms so you can truly relax there & have fun entertaining your friends.

small  changes  can have a surprisingly  big  impact

   Knowing which changes to make is where I will make a difference for you. What might that tired room look like after an inspired eye has been cast over it?

   Simply re-arranging your furniture, or your  treasures,  books or art, brings enormous cohesion & style to a collection of even the most diverse well-loved objects.

   Do you make the most of your outdoor space - does it  extend your interior as well as it might? Some encouragement from me might be all you need to start that transformation you've been thinking about . . .

   Special Occasion? Your home can look effortlessly welcoming for a special Birthday or at Christmas, when styled for the occasion by a professional to reflect who you are.

I   care  about  our  environment,

both indoors & out, so I would choose eco-friendly and/or VOC paints, &  I love working with the principles of Feng Shui. Let's discuss these ideas if you have never considered them before.

What does a designer & stylist cost?

   You'd need a larger budget for an entire house & garden but for design & styling advice (where I will guide & encourage you but hand it over to you for execution), or a spruce-up to sell to the first potential buyer though the door, the costs can be very affordable.

Let's meet for a free consultation to talk about what  it  is

you are looking for ...